There are lots of flashlight app in the market and most of them works good and even looks good.  But I am looking for a simple flashlight app with the basic function like turning on the LED flash of my camera or make my screen turns to white and max its brightness, and of course, without ads and free :), since majority of the flashlight apps on the market has some bulky features, like blinking screen, color screen, siren, etc.. which I really don’t need. So after the so many months of searching I have decided to make my own flashlight app. A flashlight app that is lightweight, simple, no other bulky features (which I don’t need), and works with my Samsung Galaxy Ace. I haven’t implemented my planned design (looks) yet since I am new to android app development (it takes time to make one 🙂 ), maybe in the future :).

I have uploaded it in (since its free)

[iframe 310 300]

Get the Flashlight4SGA Android app from SlideME.

Get the Flashlight4SGA Android app from SlideME.

Not available in Google Play (I don’t want to pay USD25 for this app 🙂 )

I have tested it on my Galaxy Ace Android 2.3.6 (Stock) and with Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V.

I don’t know if it will work with other phones, since different manufacturer has different implementation.

If you want you can also download SAM – Slideme Market,, an alternative to Google Play (Google Market). If you don’t have SAM just download the apk file and install it in your android device. (Don’t worry its clean :D, no viruses, no ads or whatsoever).

It requires Hardware Control Permission to use your camera, specifically the camera flash. don’t worry this app does not take pictures. It only uses your camera flash. There is no Internet Permission so there is no way it would steal your photos 🙂

Hope it will work with your android phone too 🙂