Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace

It has been 50 days since I bought my  first “Smartphone”, an Android phone – Samsung Galaxy Ace. I preferred Samsung Galaxy Ace since it has everything I need for a smartphone (except for a Flash Player – no support for adobe flash). Here are five reasons why I choose the Ace:

  • First, its price, its not that expensive yet it is packed with almost everything that a smartphone user may experience.
  • Second, its 5MP camera with LED flash, well I hate bringing a camera wherever I go, so I preferred a phone with a good one (I know SGA camera is not that good, I have compared it with other expensive cellphone cams, it takes time to take photos (using auto focus) compared to others, and not really good in night/indoor shots).
  • Third, its screen size, its not that big yet not that small too, in short just enough 😀 ..
  • Fourth, the looks, I don’t know, but I love the overall appearance of Samsung Galaxy Ace :D, the design is very simple, yet elegant.
  • Fifth, well its Android OS, since Android is “app-centric” (IMO) I can do almost anything I want, and well, it has a huge apps available, and best of all, many are free :D.

Some problems I encountered using my Samsung Galaxy Ace:

  • Before I bought my Samsung Galaxy Ace, I have already heard about the SOD (sleep of death) issue. After around 3 days of having my SGA, yes I experience the what they call SOD, my phone just sleeps and it wont wake up, the battery is around 50%, and its turned on, it just hang-up while its sleeping. Since I am already aware with the problem, I tried experimenting using the tips I read online and i guess the best solution is turning off your WiFi if your going to an area without a WiFi signal or has a very poor signal. Well, that solves my problem temporarily. Until Samsung Kies  tells me that an update is available (after a month) from froyo to gingerbread. Update takes about 30 minutes (I have a slow internet connection – Globe Broadband 1mbps 😀 !peace!) and after that I have never experienced SOD even I turned my WiFi on the whole day and while travelling. (Note: My WiFi policy is “Always On”)
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace Reboots if having so many apps opened (what I mean is active). Well, what can you expect from a not-so expensive phone, with 800 MHz processor, and 278MB RAM, running multiple apps at once is just not possible, plus having some “poorly-coded apps”, well, there are lots of possibilities. I have experienced this when I have installed lookout, watchdog, browsing the net using the stock browser, and opera, and + another app (can’t remember what it is :D)
  • And the most annoying, is this one. I am using a TM (Touch Mobile) sim in my SGA. The problem starts when someone ask me to SHARE-A-LOAD to her. In Globe/TM, we need to replace “0” with “2” to share a load (ex. 09161234567 to 29161234567) After sharing a load, every message I received from her starts with “2” instead of having her name from my contacts (well it cannot recognize the number since it starts with 2). I have ask for assistance from Samsung support, and yes they respond to my email the next day. Giving some instructions. They told me to delete the threads with that person, delete the data of my messaging app in application manager. After that, it seems to be back to normal, but grrrr.. it keeps coming back, as of today, I did a clean up again (delete data of messaging app, clear all history-sms-calls-logs-etc, clear all app cache, reconfigure my messaging app again, turn off, removed battery, removed sim card, removed sd card :(….)  well the only thing that I didn’t do is factory reset, I am not planning yet. errr.. if you have a workaround I would be happy to hear it 😀
  • Cannot install some large app (around 20mb), message me that I don’t have enough space (even though I still have enough space based on the data my phone gave me). For sure its because of this very small internal memory of Galaxy Ace (181 MB). You really can’t install much on your phone.
  • Lastly, Battery, I need to charge it everyday. I guess I’ve been using it much 😀

Some Applications I use (Installed):

  • Go Launcher Ex (far more better than stock)
  • Go SMS (using its feature to disable other sms notification, it has solved my problem regarding sms stated above)
  • Go SMS Theme Maker (Love to have my own theme for SMS)
  • App Cache Cleaner (its name says it all)
  • FriendCaster (it enables you to upload mutiple photos at once, creates album, etc. – I hope Facebook app will have this also in the future, for now I’ll stay with FriendCaster even with ads)
  • Overlooked Fing (IMO the best WiFi Monitoring Tool)
  • RealCalc (my favorite calculator, way much better than stock)
  • Moon+ Reader (perfect ebook reader)
  • StopWatch Timer (Sometimes I just need to have a stopwatch with alarm)
  • Advance Clock Widget (my home screen widget, love it since it has everything i want to see in just one widget, battery remaining in %, next alarm, current date, free memory, and the network which I connect :D)
  • Kii Safe (to keep some secret :D)
  • KeepScreen (some apps don’t have an option to keep screen on – like opera mobile 😀 )
  • Opera Mobile (my fav browser, since I can access my internet router (prolink) and reboot it, refresh it, reconnect it, etc. in which other browsers can’t – stock, dolphin hd, etc., don’t know why, it just display “404 Not Found” when I refresh it or reconnect it… **confused**)
  • Zakus Wifi Profiles (able to save static IP from different WiFi location)
  • MP3 Music Download Pro
  • SK Sync Client (Sync files using Bluetooth)
  • Vlingo (for fun 😀 almost like siri on apple)
  • App 2 SD (Free) (to simplify the task of moving apps to sd)
  • ASTRO File Manager
  • Barcode Scanner (using it for fun, and sometimes when looking for an app)
  • DiskUsage (its nice to know who’s been eating my internal storage)
  • FingerPoint (PowerPoint Presentation Controller)
  • PPT Remote (PowerPoint Presentation Controller)
  • Color Flashlight (for emergency :D)
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary (a must-have :D)
  • Equalizer
  • Screen Filter (to dim my screen during night time when all lights are off :D)
  • Winamp (don’t know yet if its much better than my stock player)
  • WordPress
  • Pudding Camera (just trying it out :D)
  • RealPlayer (at least I can watch facebook videos – since SGA dont have flash player)
  • …and much more…! 😀

*** I have used this trick also, it helps a little bout the extremely small internal memory of SGA, atleast (works fine even I’m on gingerbread):

**My SGA is not rooted**

***** November 2014*****

After 3 years, my SGA is still alive! 🙂 very much functional though slow.. Current Operating system is Jelly Bean 4.2.2.