I’ve been using VMobile – LoadXtreme for quite sometime already but never used those SMS commands in loading. (I created my own Web App). Well, obviously having to type those commands is a pain in the butt! When VMobile announces that they will release an android app for loading I was excited. Not after I have tried it. Well, the android app requires an internet connection to function. Choosing/searching for specific load is frustrating and the most painful is it COST Php 150.00/per year! Wew.. (I thought it will be free since it will be used by VMobile’s techno-users.. but its not!).

One day I have decided to create my own android app for loadxtreme. Hmmm, it should not be online, as simple as possible, loads are in categories, and well something that I can TRUST (not to steal my PIK 🙂 ). We know its difficult to trust user-created-apps. It might steal your PIK and that would be a disaster.  Rather than risk my VMobile ID and PIK in downloadable apps created by others, (since I know how to create one) I preferred to develop my own. 🙂

Please note, this app does not have a “service component”. Meaning, if the application is closed it cannot update its load wallet balance if the reply of balance inquiry or load confirmation arrives. One more thing, if you have sms app with high priority (like GO SMS, etc)  which can disables other apps from receiving sms, it might not be able to update its load wallet balance. But you can simply check your balance in your SMS app (inbox) and read the reply :). But no worries, the process of loading will still work of course.

If you want to try it, you can download it by scanning the following QR Code using your phone:


Or you may click this link: myLoadXtreme App

Just note, I created this to for my personal use. Its not perfect! Just sharing it if others may find it useful. If you don’t like it, do not install it or if you have, just uninstall it. 🙂 And this is for VMOBILE LOADXTREME users only.


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