eGrades is now availabe, students with subject/s under me, may check their grades online by clicking this link Login instruction is available in LST-Cadiz Facebook Page.

Development Notes:

This is not a web-based gradebook, it only accepts data from my personalized MS Excel gradebook through uploading. Thus grades in this system is only updated when necessary and/or on my discretion.  It can also be used for parallel checking with the local gradebook since this system also computes the final grade using its own algorithm based on the points posted.

The concept of having a system which only accepts grades from a local gradebook is from Online Grades. I have used OG for 1 year, but since I wanted flexibility with my gradebook (because OG needs gradebook software which supports OG/basmati), I have migrated to MS Excel from a commercial gradebook since in my work environment, it is the most portable. Generally, I can open my gradebook anywhere even without my laptop if I’m using MS Excel since all PC’s in my workplace has MS Excel or equivalent. So I designed a gradebook using MS Excel based on my needs and preference. But of course I always wanted to provide a way for my students to check their grades online (well it takes time when they all come to me one by one checking their grades 😀 ), and since my personalized gradebook using MS Excel does not support OG/Basmati, I decided to create my personalized online software for grades checking online and named it eGrades. Like OG, it uses xml file in accepting data, but it does not support basmati format. Its xml file is directly link to my gradebook getting all necessary data for uploading.  This is still in infant stage, the whole system concept is not yet complete, but the most basic part which is grades uploading and checking is already up.


  • Fixed bug in determining grades
  • Modified the process in determining passed/fail status
  • Added student registration form (to allow students with grades to register by their own)
  • Added additional security by encrypting login information & preventing sql injection
  • Some minor bug fixes


  • New look
  • Determine grade equivalent based on points
  • Determine Passed or Fail status
  • Compute final grade based on uploaded points
  • Modified/Fixed grade listing in admin panel
  • Added search option for admin

PS: This is made for my personal use only.