Finally it is done! My first ever program made using PHP! I have been using PHP for quite long, around 2 years already, but I have never coded any project by my self since almost everything is readily available on the net (I mastered copy-paste-edit method! 😀 ).. I have planned this already for years but never had a chance to materialize it. But of course not until last month. Since my internet connection (1 mbps Wired Globe Broadband) was a bit useless (May 2011) due to its very annoying disconnect/connect status, I started my Apache server/MySQL, opened my NetBeans IDE, and started a PHP project. The very first php file I have coded was the voting form, I started with a single candidate added manually on my db. Next php file I have coded was for the candidate registration…. and so on…. After finishing almost everything, I realized that I don’t have a login form. Since I am already exhausted 😀 and wanted to learn from others implementation, specially on security – protection against malicious users, I opened a file which I have downloaded which is a login script. Well in short I didn’t actually code the login-voters registration files. 😀  … Yep I performed some editing on it, ‘coz its a general login-registration form and I need it to fit my needs for voter’s registration form for student organization. Another part of the system which I didn’t personally code was the countdown timer. It was also a copied script from the web – I don’t know the original author 😀

All in all it is composed of 42 files 2 were html, 1 css and 39 php.

Heres the link:

Its not 100% perfect, nor it is 100% secured. Since it is online, it is prone to malicious attacks. I have tried my best to protect it against attackers but of course I cannot guarantee it.