Another very affordable web host is NinjaLion, it was founded last 2010. Although this company is new, it is backed up with the credibility of downtownhost – a well-established web hosting company. NinjaLion is a subsidiary of downtownhost, they offer smaller plans and a lower price compared to downtownhost – like a budget brand of downtownhost.

Ok, so why is it its cheaper than other web host (like dreamhost)? Well, its plans were not unlimited like other hosts, it has a fix limit for disk space and bandwidth (wait is there really an unlimited thing? ehm.. of course none.. there is no such thing as unlimited, there will always be a limit, its just a  marketing strategy made by company to sell there products, even unlimited text and call has limits.. :D… but don’t worry unlimited plans offers you a limit you can never reach in using shared hosting normally, if in any case you reached the limits then for sure your account will be closed due to violation in TOS or AUP 😀 ). But why need of an expensive host offering unlimited resources if you only need a little disk space and a little bandwidth? For small personal sites (specifically for starters), without so much visitors, affordable and smaller plans were just simply what you need. Of course you can always upgrade your plan if your need for space and bandwidth increases.

If you have decided to use ninjalion as your host then try this promo code: “launch” or “LAUNCH” to have a 50% discount on your shared hosting . This will give you 50% discount on your account for life! I mean for the life of your account.. 😀


PS. NinjaLion may remove the promo code anytime they want or after the promo period which I don’t know until when. But for today, as I have made this post, promo code “launch” is still working. So hurry up register now.