Do you want to have your own website or blog but don’t have the budget? here’s another interesting site, it offers FREE (TOTALLY FREE) WEBHOSTING! And how it differs from other free hosting sites? First, it supports PHP, second mySQL and third a free cPanel! There are lots of free webhosting company out there, but most of them offers only static websites, meaning, they will only allow regular html pages for your site (flash & javascripts only) – no database – no php. There are also others who offers free hosting with PHP and mySQL BUT, they put ads on your site. With 000webhost (its $0.00) ITS TOTALLY FREE – NO ADS AT ALL!  And thats not all, it has also 1 click installer scripts to install popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla! and more! You have also 1 ftp account!


Free Website Hosting


  • Is this site hosted in 000webhost?  – Nope, it is hosted in a paid hosting company.
  • Have you tried this free web host?  – Yes, in fact I have hosted another website (which uses joomla! as its platform) in 000webhost
  • Is it fast and reliable?  – Well, if you really want a fast and reliable host, then go to paid hosting. You can sign-up in DREAMHOST if you want (use LESS85 as promo code to get $85 discount!). But for beginners, free webhost is a great starting point, first with the familiarization with different platforms and of course with managing your domain using cPanel.
  • What platform should I install? WordPress or Joomla?   – If you just want to create a blog, then go with wordpress, its the best blogging platform, lots of free themes, simple admin dashboard, easy to use.  Joomla and WordPress are two great CMS software, but in using Joomla, you need a bit of knowledge in web development first. Its not as user friendly as WordPress.


So are you ready now to register in a free web host? CLICK HERE!