farmweee.. nag lvl 34 na… woooottt………. wew..

by the way…its been so long since the last time I visited my blog.. hehehe… (kahit pag visit man lng d ko na nagawa… waaaaa)  i hope this month maka recover ako.. 🙁

well, (pa singit na rin) i wish to congratulate all who passed the exam (Programming NC4 of TESDA) (both COC and full qualification) conducted in Sagay Computer Institute.. congratz! to our assessor Miss Weng and Madam Bebs from TESDA, maraming salamat poh! To SCI Admin, Sir & Madam Torres, thanks for the opportunity… To my co-trainers, thanks for the support.. and of course most importantly to God for the blessings and guidance…  (daw miss universe ba.. hahahaha)!