Not so long ago we looked Google. Now we appear quite happy to let Search us

Most likely too late to ask, but was earlier times year the moment we dropped our technological innocence? The particular Alexa within the corner from the kitchen monitoring your each word? The location-betraying gadget in your pocket? The dozen trackers on that web page you simply opened? The thought that a 5G network could, in some hazily understood way, be hardwired back to Beijing ? The spooky utilization of live face recognition upon CCTV cameras across Greater london.

With personal privacy there have been so many landmarks previously 12 months. The $5bn Federal Trade Commission rate fine about Facebook to settle the Cambridge Analytica scandal? The unintentional exposure of a mind-blowing 1 . 2 billion dollars people’s details from two data richness companies? Up to 50m medical records spilled?

We gleefully carry monitoring machines in our pockets plus install them in our houses

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