Ruskies cybercrime gang is considered to be responsible for taking Garmin solutions offline

The ransomware attack that took the particular GPS and smartwatch company Garmin entirely offline for over three days is believed to have been completed by a Russian cybercriminal gang which usually calls itself “Evil Corp”.

Garmin started to restore services to clients on Monday morning, right after being held hostage for any reported ransom of $10m, although some services were nevertheless operating with limited features.

Ransomware is the most common type of criminal malware currently being used. Targets are commonly infected via malicious emails, which may technique them into downloading plus running the software, or by means of exploiting vulnerabilities in other software program such as Adobe Flash. Once the ransomware program is triggered, it encrypts the user’s hard drive with a single make use of encryption key, before blinking up a message asking for ransom, typically in the form of a transaction in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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