WordPress five. 6 Beta 4 is currently available for testing!

This particular software is still in advancement,   so we advise that you run this edition on a test site.

You can look at the WordPress 5. six beta in two ways:

The current focus on for the final release will be December 8, 2020. This really is just over 3 weeks away , so that your help is needed to ensure this particular release is tested correctly.

Thank you to all of the members that tested the beta 3 development release and offered feedback. Testing for insects is an important part of polishing every release and a great way in order to contribute to WordPress.

A few Highlights

Since beta a few, 42 bugs have been fixed. Here is a overview of a few changes included in beta 4:

To see all of the functions for each Gutenberg release in depth, check out the release posts: 8. 6 , 8. seven , eight. 8 , 8. 9 , 9. 0 , 9. one , nine. 2 , and 9. 3 .

Developer information

WordPress 5. 6th has lots of refinements towards the developer experience. To keep up, sign up for the Create WordPress Core blog and pay special attention to the developers’ notes for updates on all those and other changes that could impact your products.

How you can Help

If you think you have found a bug, you are able to post to the  Alpha/Beta area   in the support discussion boards. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re comfortable writing the reproducible bug report,   file 1 on WordPress Trac ,   where you can also look for a list of  known bugs .

Props to @tonyamork, @audrasjb for technical notes and @angelasjin, @yvettesonneveld , @cguntur , @ cbringmann for last review.

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