Studying earlier times is futile in an unparalleled crisis. Science is the solution – and open information is paramount

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Wherever we look, there exists a demand for data about Covid-19. We devour dashboards , graphs and visualisations . We would like to know about the numbers of assessments, cases and deaths; the number of beds and ventilators can be found, how many NHS workers are usually off sick. When info is missing, we estimate about what the government might be hiding , or fill in the gaps with stories.

Data is really a necessary ingredient in daily decision-making – but in this particular rapidly evolving situation, it is especially vital. Everything is promoting, almost overnight. Demands with regard to meals , transport , and energy have been overhauled a lot more people stop travelling plus work from home. Jobs have been dropped in some sectors, and workers usually are desperately needed in other people . Historic experience cannot tell us how our community or economy is operating. Past models hold small predictive power in an unmatched situation. To know what is happening right this moment, we need up-to-date information.

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