The Advanced Protection System is our own strongest level of Google Accounts security for people at high-risk of targeted online assaults, such as journalists, activists, company leaders, and people working on polls. Anyone can sign up to instantly receive extra safeguards towards phishing, malware, and deceptive access to their data.

Since we released, one of our goals continues to be to bring Advanced Protection’s functions to other Google products. Through the years, we’ve incorporated many of them in to GSuite , Google Cloud Platform , Chromium , and most recently, Android . We want as many users as you possibly can to benefit from the additional amounts of security that the Program offers.

Today we are announcing one of the top demands we’ve received: to bring the particular Advanced Protection Program in order to Nest.   Now individuals can seamlessly use their own Google Accounts with both Superior Protection and Google Home devices — previously, a person could use their Google Bank account on only one of these each time.

Feeling secure at home has never been more important plus Nest has announced a variety of brand new security features this year , including using reCAPTCHA Business, to significantly lower the possibilities of automated attacks. Today’s enhancement adds yet another layer associated with protection for people with Nest products.

For more information regarding using Advanced Protection along with Google Nest devices, take a look at this short article in our help center .

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