As part of our continuing efforts — along with assist from newly developed systems — today we’re launching nearly 600 apps happen to be removed from the Google Perform Store and banned from your ad monetization platforms, Search engines AdMob and Google Advertisement Manager, for violating the bothersome ads policy and disallowed interstitial policy .
Mobile advertisement fraud is an industry-wide problem that can appear in many different types with a variety of methods, and contains the potential to harm customers, advertisers and publishers. In Google, we have dedicated groups focused on detecting and preventing malicious developers that try to defraud the mobile environment. As part of these efforts put into effect action against those who produce seemingly innocuous apps, yet which actually violate each of our ads policies.
We define disruptive advertisements as ads that are exhibited to users in unexpected methods, including impairing or changing the usability of gadget functions. While they can happen in-app, one form of troublesome ads we’ve seen increasing is something we contact out-of-context ads, which is whenever malicious developers serve adverts on a mobile device once the user is not actually energetic in their app.
This is an invasive maneuver which will result in poor user encounters that often disrupt key system functions and this approach can result in unintentional ad clicks that will waste advertiser spend. For instance , imagine being unexpectedly offered a full-screen ad whenever you attempt to make a phone call, uncover your phone, or when using your favorite map app’s turn-by-turn navigation.
Harmful developers continue to become more experienced in deploying and hiding disruptive ads, but we have developed new technologies in our own to protect against this conduct. We recently developed a modern machine-learning based approach to identify when apps show out-of-context ads, which led to the particular enforcement we’re announcing nowadays.
As we move ahead, we will continue to invest in brand new technologies to detect and stop emerging threats that can produce invalid traffic, including bad ads, and to find alternative ideas to adapt and develop our platform and eco-system policies to ensure that users plus advertisers are protected through bad behavior.

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