Last year, all of us introduced a annual Google Cloud Platform (GCP) VRP Prize to promote protection research of GCP. Since that time, we’ve received many fascinating entries as part of this new effort from the security research local community. Today, we are announcing the particular winner as well as several improvements to our program for 2020.

Right after careful evaluation of all the distribution, we are excited to announce our own winner of the 2019 GCP VRP prize: Wouter possuir Maat, who submitted the write-up about Google Impair Shell vulnerabilities. You can read their winning write-up here .

There were a number of other excellent reports submitted to the GCP VRP in 2019. To learn more about them watch this particular movie by LiveOverflow, which explains some of the best submissions in detail.

To encourage more safety researchers to look for vulnerabilities within GCP and to better incentive our top bug predators, we’re tripling the total amount from the GCP VRP Prize this season. We will pay out a total associated with $313, 337 for the leading vulnerability reports in GCP products submitted in 2020. The following prize amounts is going to be distributed between the top six submissions:

  • 1st prize: $133, 337
  • 2nd reward: $73, 331
  • 3rd prize: $73, 331
  • 4th award: $31, 337
  • 5th prize: $1, 001
  • 6th winning prize: $1, 000
Like this past year, submissions should have public write-ups in order to be eligible for the treasure. The number of vulnerability reports in one write-up is not a factor. You may also make multiple submissions, 1 for each write-up. These awards are only for vulnerabilities present in GCP products. If you have spending budget constraints regarding access to screening environments, you can use the free rate of GCP . Remember that this prize is not an alternative of our Vulnerability Reward Program (VRP), and that we are going to continue to pay security experts under the VRP for revealing security issues that affect Google-services, including GCP. Complete information, terms and conditions about the prize are available right here .
Thank you to everybody who submitted entries inside 2019! Make sure to nominate your own VRP reports and write-ups for the 2020 GCP VRP prize here prior to December 31, 2020 in 11: 59 GMT.

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