The 2nd release candidate for Blogger 5. 5 is here!

Live journal 5. 5 is scheduled for release  on  August 11, 2020 , but we need  your   assist to get there—if you haven’t attempted 5. 5 yet,   now is the time!

You can test the Squidoo 5. 5 release applicant in two ways:

Many thanks to all of the contributors that tested the  Beta produces and gave feedback. Screening for bugs is a crucial part of polishing every launch and a great way to give rise to WordPress.

Plugin and Concept Developers

Please test your extensions and themes against Scuttle 5. 5 and update the  Tested up to   version in the readme file to 5. 5. If you discover compatibility problems, please be certain to post to the  support forums ,   so those could be figured out before the final discharge.

For a more detailed breakdown from the changes included in WordPress five. 5, check out the WordPress 5. a few beta 1 post . The  Pligg 5. 5 Field Manual   is also away! It’s your source with regard to details on all the major modifications.

How to Help

Do you talk a language other than British?   Assist us translate WordPress in to more than 100 languages!   This release furthermore marks the  hard string freeze   point of the your five. 5 release schedule.

If you think you’ve discovered a bug , you are able to post to the  Alpha/Beta area   in the support discussion boards. We’d love to hear from you! Should you be comfortable writing a reproducible bug report,   fill one upon WordPress Trac , where one can also find  a list of known bugs .

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