Does you company/school banned certain websites, such as friendster, facebook, etc? Don’t be sad. There are several tools and ways to bypass network firewall.

(Warning: Browsing prohibited sites is punishable!!!) 😀

*** If you just want to open facebook, you may use (use https rather than http, since data is encrypted when using https, it cannot be filtered by a firewall or filter softwares) adding “s” in http seems not so hard right?, so try it out. 🙂

1. Easiest way is to use a proxy website.  Although this method is not very reliable (I have tried this in my firewall with a maximum setting.. aw! it does not work..hehehe) But it works in many cases (referring to other firewalls/settings). To start browsing prohibited website using proxy click the link below (You can watch Youtube Videos too..):


2. If using proxy doesnt work, then you may try this one.  (Note: Do this in your home, your friends home or in an internet cafe, not in your office..if you dont want to get caught! 😀 )

First you need a Flash Drive. Download a Portable Firefox Browser. After downloading, unzip it in your Flash Drive.  Now that you have a Portable Browser, you need to download a Portable Tor (To know what it is visit its website). After you download the Portable Tor install/unzip it in your Flash Drive.

Next, you need to install a Tor Button Plugin in you Portable Browser (Firefox).

You are now done!

(You can also use Ultrasurf.)

Next time you go to your office or computer lab, just insert you Flash Drive, Open/Run the Portable Tor, Open/Run your Portable Browser, enable Tor in your browser (you can find it at the buttom-right of the firefox browser), and start browsing.

Happy browsing! Just make sure you won’t get caught! :P!