Wordfence, the leading provider of WordPress security software and services, is announcing today that we are, effective immediately, offering free site cleaning and site security audit services to K-12 public schools in the United States who use WordPress as their content management system.

Whether a site is infected with malware, or you are looking for an expert analyst to audit your website security posture, the Wordfence security team is available to help. No credit card is needed, and you have the option to have the free version of Wordfence installed on your website and configured by our analysts.

With more students and teachers remotely connecting for education, the need for security awareness has never been greater. Malware infected websites pose a significant risk to students, teachers, parents and administrators. These risks include the breach of personal information, the risk of threat actors targeting children, and the disruption of learning and online services to students.

Wordfence is committed to helping public schools safely provide education to the next generation. Each Wordfence site cleaning and site security audit is valued at $490. Effective immediately, Wordfence is offering these same services free of charge to K-12 public schools.

The number of security audits and site cleanings that we can provide is limited, and available on a first-come, first served basis. If there is a wait time for an analyst, our customer service engineers will work with each school to ensure you are kept apprised of your position in the queue and when you will be served. We are initially limiting service to 20 websites per week, and we hope to expand our capacity if needed.

Wordfence is the number one choice worldwide for WordPress security. We currently protect over 4 million WordPress websites, with a team of credentialed analysts and researchers who are known throughout industry for our groundbreaking research. The Wordfence team is honored to help keep public school districts in the United States secure, districts that have been under extraordinary pressure to rapidly transition to online learning.

Complete the form on our K-12 site cleaning request page to begin the process. Our team will be in touch shortly.

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